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April 13, 2009


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Jim Frost

Contact me at, if you would like to.

jordan 13

I am interested in making some changes to my blog and would love to talk to you


Good to read interesting posts on your blog. Thanks.

Jim Frost

If you send biographical information, we will post it under the "Who We Are" category of this blog. Thank you for your interest.

Ken Bedell

I think that Craig has a great idea. Is there a way with TypePad to have a registry or some other way for people to submit bios that they can edit over time? That way people can increase the amount of information about themselves over time as they feel more comfortable or believe it will be useful for the discussion.

Maybe that is what a TypePad account does.

Craig Sandahl

THIS SHOULD BE A LIVELY BLOG and I'm sure will prompt active discussions--since the subjects are very intertwined & global-- it might be helpful to have a voluntary profile of participants not to exclude or infer exclusivity--I am in a oil & natural gas blog made up of geologist,investors,refinery personel,oil patch people -both small and large exploration & production co's,pipeline engr'and we stay on point and have little "rants & ravings". One man is key poster and guiding light and a real work horse--not sure why or what motivates him--he had our first meeting in Houston last week and I believe 48 attented and this is after I believe only 4-5 years. Berk-- will be good to see you this summer. Craig Sandahl

James Frost

Our goal is to analyze problems such as nuclear proliferation, energy and the environment, outmoded military expenses, foreign relations, disparity of wealth and resources in the world, hunger, disease and others, accept suggestions, and offer solutions--Jim Frost.

Cathie Woltermann

What are your goals or mission statement?

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